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Masoud Soheili, MCAPA, ACAPA, MPSA
Born in Feb. 13, 1956, Tehran, Iran
BS Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology
Starting photography in 1963; serious works from 1971
Caroun Photography Studio, North Vancouver, 2010

- Collaborating in group exhibitions, Sharif University of Technology, 1974-1977
- Group Photography Exhibition, inauguration of Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, June 2006 (Subject:
- Collaborating in group exhibition, in 8 cities in Iran, November 2007-Nov 2008 (Subject:
- Group Photography Exhibition, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada, May 2008
- Individual Photography Exhibition "Pottery", Coal Harbour Community Centre, Vancouver, Canada, July 2008
- Group Photography Exhibition, Tsawwassen Arts Centre, Delta, BC, Canada, November 2008 (
Art Shots)
- Group Exhibition,
"The 3rd Annual Iranian American Community Alliance", Seattle, USA, June 2009 (Subject: Open)
- Individual Photography Exhibition "Pottery", Silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver, Nov 2009
- Group Exhibition, Graffiti co. Art Studio Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada, 2009
- Group Exhibition, Graffiti co. Art Studio Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada, February 2010 (
Subject: Hear to Hand)
- Group Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), North Vancouver, Canada, May 2010 (Subject:
A Photo for Your Wall)
- Group Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), North Vancouver, Canada, July 2010 (Subject: Open)
- Group Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), North Vancouver, Canada, September 2010 (Subject:
- Group Photography Exhibition, Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver, Canada, October 2010 (Subject:
- Group Photography Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), North Vancouver, Canada, February 2011
- North Shore Art Crawl, BC, Canada, April 2011
- Photography Exhibition "Geraniums & the Gypsy Wind", Caroun Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Sept 2011
- 5th Annual CPC Photography Exhibition, Caroun Photo Club (CPC), Canada, December 2011
- Group Exhibition, Inlet Theatre, port Moody, BC, Canada, April 2012
- Group Exhibition, Richmond Art Centre, Richmond, BC, Canada, April 2012
- North Shore Art Crawl, North Vancouver, Canada, April 2012
- Group Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, May 2012
- Group Exhibition, Caroun Art Gallery, Canada, August 2012

- First
Winner of Keyhan Newspaper Portrait Photography Competition, 1977
- “Certification”, Photographic Society of America, USA, 2003
- “Freelance Photographer Recognition”, International Freelance Photographers Organizations, USA, 2006
- “Maple Leaf” (MCAPA), Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), Canada, 2007
- "PSA Gold Star" (MPSA), Photographic Society of America, USA, 2009 & 2010
- “Associateship” (ACAPA), Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), Canada, 2010
- CAPA Services Medal 2010

- Editor-in-chief of the photography bulletin of "
Caroun Photo Club"
- Chair of "
Tehran Photo Competition-Exhibition, November 2006" (CPC)
- Chair of "
Tehran Photo Exhibition, February 2007" (CPC)
- Chair of "
Tehran Photo Competition August 2007" (CPC), Published a color calendar of its photos
- Chair of "
Sulaimanieh Photo Exhibition November 2007" (CPC)
- Chair
of “re-exhibiting 2006 & 2007 CPC exhibitions at North Vancouver”, May 2008
- Chair of group photography exhibition, Coal Harbour Community Centre, July 2008
- Chair of “2009/10 Competition/Exhibition Vancouver” (CPC), Nov 2010
Designed and made artistic/cultural website:
- CAPA Trained Judge
Caroun Art Gallery (CAG), North Vancouver, since January 2010

- Juror or member of the jury to select photos for CPC exhibitions since 2005
- Juror or member of the jury to select photos for interclub and other photo competitions since 2005
- Member of the jury, Langley Camera Club, Theme Photography Competition, Nov 2010
- Member of the jury, Langley Camera Club, Open Photography Competition, Nov 2010
- Member of the jury, North Shore Photographic Society, Digital Photography Competition, Jan 2011
- Juror of the Lions Gate Camera Club Photo Contest, February 2011

- University of Technology Association of Photographic Art, 1976-1980
- Owner & President of
- Founder & President of Caroun Photo Club (CPC)
Representative of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) in Iran (MCAPA)
Member of the Photographic Society of America (MPSA), USA
Member of International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO), USA
- Press Photographer of Today's Photographer magazine, USA

Articles & Works:
- "
Filters for B&W and Color Photography", 1975
- A collection of the "
Portraits of Artists, Writers, Craftsmen..." and in many other fields
- "
Ceremony of Goddesses", 2005
- "
Negative of Digital Camera (1)", "Camera" Monthly Photographic Magazine, No. 43, October 2005, Tehran
- "Desert", "Creative Photography" Quarterly Magazine, No. 4, Fall 2005, Tehran
- Some of my photos are published in Le Monde diplomatique, 2005
- "
Qali-Shouyan" (Carpet-Washing), "Canadian Camera", Official Publication of "The Canadian Association for Photographic Art", Summer 2006, Canada
- "
    - "Creative Photography" Quarterly Magazine, No. 6, Spring 2006, Tehran, Iran
    - "Farhang Magazine", No. 160, June 10, 2009, Vancouver, Canada
- Photography articles: CPC bulletin
- "
"Camera" Monthly Photographic Magazine, No. 68, November 2007, Iran (Farsi)
    - "
Canadian Camera" magazine (official publication of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art), Winter 2008, Canada (English)
    - "
Farhang" magazine, Vol. 7, No. 171, November 2009, Vancouver, Canada (Farsi)
- "History of Photography in Iran", Farhang Magazine, March 2009, Vancouver:
Page 1, Page 2 (Farsi)
- "
Copper House" , Farhang Magazine, April 2009, Vancouver
- Portrait of an Iranian writer published at "Süddeutsche Zeitung", Germany, June 2009
- "Negative of Digital Camera (2)", "Farhang" Magazine, No. 163, July 2009, Vancouver, Canada
- "Coffee Shop Painting", two articles in two issues of Farhang magazine, 2010
- "Abyaneh", Farhang BC magazine, 2011

These articles are published with some photos and are posted at the "
Researches & Articles" section of this website too.

Work Experience
Portrait (Studio), Fashion, Commercial, Industrial, Advertising, Travel, Architecture, Construction, Studio works, Nature, Concerts, Events… Photography
Photo Lab, Teaching, Salon, Curator

Teaching Photography
Assistant of Photography (Prof. Hadi Shafaie), 1974-1978, Sharif University of Technology
- Photography Lab of Mechanical Dept., Sharif University of Technology, 1975-1978

- "Coal Harbour Community Centre", Vancouver, 2007-9
- "West Vancouver Community Centre", West Vancouver, 2008-9
- Private classes at North Vancouver, BC, since 2007


I don't remember why I was so interested in photography, when I was a child. I never said to the people, what I want; even my parents didn't know that I want to have a camera. At 7 (1962), I had a gift, a New Year gift, from my father's colleague and friend, who works in a bank and his hobby was hunting. It was a CAMERA! Strange! And I started photography.

I gathered my Allowance, and I bought a better camera, Diana brand, just for Rials 25 (36 cents); later some Russian Cameras Lubiltel, Smena, Kiev, Zenith… and at last Pentax at 18; more Pentax, Canon AE-1 and Canon… and Hasselblad, and Now Mamiya 645 Pro; I have started some digital photography with Fujifilm S7000 and then Canon Rebel XT. At the last days of 2007, I upgrade my digital camera to Nikon D300. This one has a very good quality, better color and white balance.
I have a big collection of film cameras.

While I was a student at the university, I taught photography there and I had private mathematics classes, while I travel almost the whole parts of Iran, with my old-fashioned Volks Wagen, as well as other travels abroad, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India… taking black and white photos and color slides. Later I have taken again color photos around Iran, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, USA and Mexico… And now, with a huge archive, I'm still taking photos almost in all fields.

Since 1999, I'm working on artistic-literal-cultural website,


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